There Are No Words For It

Here is a whimsical poem I wrote in light of the holidays…

Words fill the air,
fall into drinks,
get bitten and eaten,
melt on mouths,
fly free, go kerplunk,
dazzle, disintegrate, dance
(both ballroom and modern),
bounce off walls,
fall on carpets,
get lost in bodies, sizzling on skin,
drift lazily on smoke
or speed like bullets,
wounding, tearing,
torture words, teasing words,
transforming words, tiny words,
tremendous words, titillating words,
tantalizing words, trembling words,
touching words, words of wisdom,
words spoken into mouths or lip fuzz,
whispering in ears, laughing words,
words that taste delicious,
words that humble, grumble, mumble,
zinging instead of zapping,
words that just don’t give a damn.
words that melt in mouths
words that shake like a thunderbolt,
soft words and screaming words,
hunting words and words of prey,
that skip and stroll and slide,
street words, bedroom words,
choking words, crying words,
personal words and political words,
trying words, buying words,
words that slide into snores,
swim with smiles, call from dreams,
drift gently on lover’s breaths,
oooh words and aaah words and
yes, yes words and maybe words
and sorry words and no never words
and but if words
and why me words and who me words
and why not words and lonely words
words of fright late at night
words that ramble, scramble.
fumble, tumble,
sad words, happy words,
suspicious words, mistaken words,
proper words, bad words,
man words, woman words,
winter words and words of spring,
first words and last words,
eaten words and fighting words,
blunt words and sickening words,
inviting words, leaving words,
foreign words, delighting words,
declaring words, responding words,
enlightening words, trusting words,
praying words and playing words,
loving words and
words of wonders
that words cannot describe.


One response to “There Are No Words For It

  1. The “words” poem has captured my fancy. It bears reading a few more times. Thanks.

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