Donate to Help Make This a Kinder, Gentler World!

Our Story

My vast experience leading Healing Circles for a variety of populations around the country through the decades, has given me the opportunity to see the power of bringing people together for soothing and nurturing their spirits. The enthusiastic response by thousands of people, especially in prison, all hungry for simple acts of Kindness, countered by the disgust of the general public for our culture’s violence and lack of civility, has convinced me that we must try a fresh, unique approach to Kindness as an antidote to violence and meanness.

This is how I see it working: In order to change public perceptions and therefore, public policy regarding human rights, a massive public education effort is required. I want to compile a workbook about how to do Kindness projects for every population, from homeless shelters, to schools to corporations. I hope to reach as broad an audience as possible, and will do this through my extensive network of organizations, individuals and religious groups committed to social change. Each group will have a specific chapter geared to their needs, tried and true techniques they can incorporate, with specific exercises. Once completed, I will approach corporations as part of their community give-back to purchase the workbook in volumes for distribution to non-profits working with low-income and poor populations which will generate some income to keep the project going in the future. I or one of our supporters will be available to each group to help them design and implement kindness projects specific to their needs and populations. I’ll promote workshops and panel discussions about programs to use Kindness as an antidote to violence like they’re doing in Kansas City with gangs.

As a companion to the workbook, I want to produce a training DVD demonstrating how to start your own Kindness Circle. I will write accompanying articles about the various Kindness projects, the responses by the different populations, especially in prisons, which should help change the public’s attitudes toward prisoners, to awaken compassion and seek alternatives to incarceration.

I’ll also provide research about Kindness, will create a national network of the many other Kindness projects in this country, and attempt to work with them to expand their focus to prisons and families of prisoners. Once that is established I want to connect with the Kindness projects now underway in 91 countries around the world.

I will establish a regular Kindness Hour local TV show where I interview those giving and receiving Kindness. People are sick of the violence, the high costs of incarceration and the lack of funds for  education and health care as a result of burgeoning prison budgets, and the lack of civility in our culture that is unfortunately becoming the norm.

The Impact

Science has proven that individuals, both those giving and receiving Kindness raise their serotonin and oxytocin levels, the hormones that create feelings of happiness, compassion and love of mankind, which explains why Kindness Circles have such a powerful, healing effect. It also raises levels in those seeing acts of Kindness, those hearing about it or even those reading about it. By contributing to this campaign you could be making a significant contribution towards making this a happier, safer, kinder world.

What We Need & What You Get

DVD- $9,000
Includes filming, production, editing , equipment, studio time, cover design, duplication, distribution.

Book- $7,000
Provides for setup, cover design, duplication, distribution.

Printing and Mailing Costs for Kindness Cards- $2,000

Promotion- $2,000
Flyers, Newspaper Ads, Readings, Travel.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this campaign with your friends, family, colleagues, social media networks and anyone else you think might be interested. Every donation helps and increases your happy hormone!

To make a donation go to:


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