Judith is Glowing in Yahoo!’s Women Who Shine

Posted by LinDee Rochelle, Penchant for Penning

Vote for Judith! Women Who Shine

I have a confession to make. I badgered Judith to allow me to guest-blog the first post she’s added here in more than a year. She has exciting news and I get to share it with you!

For those who haven’t heard – there’s a reason for our friend’s long absence from the Trust One Kindness website and this blog – and life in general. Judith has just begun picking up the pieces after a horrendous auto accident in early 2011 that shattered her daily to-do list. Being broadsided by a distracted driver will do that to you.

Judith Trustone, Founder Sagewriters

Judith is a remarkable woman and healer.

But anyone who knows Judith knows she wouldn’t take this setback lying down. Well, at least not mentally.If you’ve experienced an accident or similar life-altering situation, you know Judith has progressed through many months of physical therapy, the mental frustration of dealing with a complex aftermath, and slow, but daily improvement towards normality.

Though “gone” from the virtual scene for a while, Judith was obviously not forgotten …

Judith’s friend, Jennifer Romolini, influential in the virtual world, nominated her recently for a Yahoo! awards contest: Women Who Shine. Said Jennifer, “It’s our way of celebrating the women out there who are blazing new trails, touching lives, or just being amazing every single day.”

To some, Judith is simply a free spirit; an author with tremendous wit and depth. But to many she indeed belongs in the Healer category for which she is nominated.

Global Kindness Revolution - Judith Trustone, FounderJudith’s Trust One Kindness philosophy captures the goodness in all of us. She knows it’s there – we know it’s there – despite the daily news headlines. Her goal is to bring humanity back into focus, one kindness at a time.

She advocates for human rights, campaigns to put justice back in our justice system, and as a Restorative Healer, offers an antidote to violence and incivility.

It’s a fantastic honor to be nominated in one of seven categories in prestigious tribute to Women Who Shine. Judith is recognized because she has devoted her life to kindness – certainly we can devote a minute in our busy day to help someone, and spread the kindness, too.

Then vote for Judith in the Healer category in the Women Who Shine contest – show your support for a courageous woman who tackles tough topics head-on. We have until Oct. 29th to crown Judith Trustone the Kindness Queen!

Cheers to your day,

LinDee Rochelle
Author / Editor / Consultant
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