Back in the Groove

Dear Friends and supporters,

First I apologize for my long silence. As some of you know, I was broadsided by a distracted driver over a year ago and am still in treatment for my severe injuries. Sagewriters and the Global Kindness Revolution have been on pause since then. (See below for an update.) I am deeply grateful to those of you who so generously sent me “green energy” through my local bank to help with the bills. Your expressions of support and caring have kept me going. Now, something exciting is happening and I hope you’ll be able to support me once again – it costs only a moment of your time. You’ll have to register but this doesn’t mean you have to do anything more or use Yahoo.

Judith Trustone, Founder Sagewriters

Judith is a remarkable woman and healer.

The managing editor of Yahoo Women website,  who is familiar with my community healing work,  has placed my name in nomination for an award in Yahoo’s new “Women Who Shine” contest. To vote for me, go to (A Yahoo! account is required, but if you don’t have one and create it just to vote, no one says you must use it.)


The contest, as described below, was created to honor women in seven categories who are working “under the radar” at the local level or in areas that receive little public attention. The one with the most votes wins, and the deadline is October 29th. So please take a moment and go to the link support my nomination as a “healer” and pass along the message to all of your network and Facebook friends, as well as those you correspond with through regular mail. Winning this $10,000 award will enable Sagewriters and the Global Kindness Revolution to move forward. And while you’re at it, nominate another Woman Who Shines!

Thank you in advance.

Judith Trustone
(Scroll below the nomination letter for updates on Sagewriters and the Global Kindness Revolution.)

(Letter about nomination from Jennifer Romolini, Managing Editor, Yahoo Women)

Hello Judith!

I’m reaching out to you because the website I manage Yahoo Women is getting ready to launch a new program called Women Who Shine that honors extraordinary women around the country. It’s our way of celebrating the women out there, who are blazing new trails, touching lives, or just being amazing every single day. We are asking readers to nominate their friends, mentors, families or any other women in their community who inspire them.

The categories for our first Women Who Shine program are:  Activist, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Healer, Public Service, Mother, Teacher and Survivor. The nominee who receives the most votes overall will win a $10,000 cash prize and the runners-up in the other seven categories will receive a $250 cash gift card.

…Our honorees will not be the high-profile women or celebs you see in other “Woman of the Year” or “Most Powerful Women” programs. The women nominated will be those who are local heroes in their own communities and it is Shine’s readers, not an editorial staff, who decide who wins.

This is where you come in 😉 In order to launch the site next week and start doing our marketing push the week after, we want to pre-populate it with some awesome, inspirational nominees–which of course made me think of you and all of the wonderful work you’ve done through the years. Would you be game to be nominated for the program in the “healer” category? Your photo would appear on Shine, either in a photo gallery or on the main page and you’d be eligible to win the $10,000 grand prize or at least a $250 gift card.

I’ve drafted a nomination for you and chose a photo, Please let me know as soon as possible if you can participate. Thanks so much. Hope you are well. Jennifer     xx


While Sagewriters is on pause for now, those of you interested in publishing your books have a couple of new opportunities to do so for free, through and their ebook program with 70% royalties, and their pbooks (printed books) with about 15% royalties. Of course you must have an outside person who can edit, format and post your book online; and while your book will be promoted on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, you will have to do your own marketing. But you will receive royalties.

We no longer have a partnership with Infinity Publishing, which since 1999 was so supportive, and we were able to publish many books through them. Now John Harnish, their former Vice President of Special Projects, is no longer with them. He has published a number of ebooks to help authors though, and his Ebook about Ebooks is available online for $5.00. He gives a history and contemporary look at the publishing industry as well as a step-by-step guide for professionally publishing your book online. The direct link to John’s book is on Amazon.

Another organization is championing prison authors. They’re on a mission to publish 500 free books for prisoners; they will scan them in unedited and make them available to read online, download or print, without charge:

“If you know a prisoner who has written a book, or would like to write a book, we want to publish it. … Prisoners are free to write anything they wish. And there is no charge whatsoever to either place or read/download these books. Prisoners retain full rights to their books if they later wish to place them with literary agents or commercial publishers. For more information about this exciting program, please Click Here.” ( To help or for any questions, or call 202-393-1511. Prisoners can submit their books to: Safe Streets Arts Foundation, PO Box 58043, Tel 202-393-1511, Washington DC  20037.

Sagewriters’ Inside Director, Patrick Middleton,Ph.D.,  is finishing his novel, Hope, which will be available the beginning of 2013; and Illinois writer, Larry Rocky Harris, is finishing his 18 Years on Death Row while he successfully advocates for prisoners’ rights, and is part of a class action suit against the Illinois DOC for prison food (it is moving slowly through the courts).

I’m working on Social Networking for Grandparents: one woman’s guide for the newly old and those on the cusp which will be an ebook when it’s ready. My short documentary, Medium, won honorable mention in an international short film contest sponsored by Kindness: the Movie.

My vision for the future is to obtain funding to create a national network of groups working on Kindness so we can have a positive effect on the body politic, hopefully eventually partnering on some projects with the peace community. Is there anyone interested in helping with this?My documentaries, Soothing and Nurturing Human Spirits and Healing Justice: a journey into Shadow America, continue to be well-received at colleges and organizations working for justice.

Global Kindness Revolution - Judith Trustone, FounderMeanwhile, my healing journey continues, and if I get enough votes to win the $10,000 Women Who Shine contest, we’ll be able to purchase more Kindness Cards for distribution to add to the 70,000 distributed so far. If you’d like some to give out, let me know at: Sagewriters, Box 215, Swarthmore, PA 19081.

Thank you in advance for your votes, your support and of course your feedback.

Be in Beauty,

Judith Trustone
Twitter: @TrustOneKndness

Books by Judith:
Celling America’s Soul
The Cat’s Secret Guide to Living With Humans

Books by Patrick Middleton, Ph.D.
Healing Our Imprisoned Minds: a people’s guide to hope and freedom
Incorrigible: a memoir


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