Rising from the Ashes

Judith Trustone shared a link: TrustOneKindness ~ SAGEWRITERS:
Global Kindness Revolution - Judith Trustone, FounderRising from the ashes after a terrible auto accident, we’re getting “back on the horse,” so to speak.

Stay tuned for some upcoming creations! My new training video, “Train Your Mind To Be Kind All The Time: the Global Kindness Revolution,” will be available in September on YouTube (and CD and MP4), for those of you interested in creating Kindness Circles with your organization, church, synagogue or mosque, or just with some family or friends.

The DVD will provide a basic structure that has been working well for the past six years since I started this endeavor with people in prison, Lifers, Inc. You may use your own words for this organizing structure.

We’re calling for a National Kindness Circle as an antidote to violence, bullying and a lack of civility, on Saturday, October 25th at 4:00 pm eastern, lockdown time in prisons, to coincide with the Movement Against Mass Incarceration’s month of resistance, StopMassIncarceration.org.

My new book, TRAIN YOUR MIND TO BE KIND ALL THE TIME will be out in late September, with ideas about showing Kindness in every aspect of our lives. We’re setting up screenings for the new video to be followed by a panel discussion on mass incarceration and how it affects us all, especially families of the incarcerated, spiritually, financially and emotionally devastating.

If you’d like to schedule such an event, help organize Community Kindness2014 Kindness Card-FR-1sm Circles, or learn more about the history of the Global Kindness Revolution or order Kindness Cards, let me know. So far we’ve distributed 100,000 Kindness Cards and another 30,000 of our Spanish version in three South American countries.

See TrustOneKindness.com for ordering information and descriptions of Sagewriters’ books.

Also, if you haven’t yet returned our very brief survey on Kindness, do it soon (or click the link) so you might be included in the new book!

Besides Train Your Mind To Be Kind All The Time, we’re working on a new book from Illinois prisoner, Larry Rocky Harris, EIGHTEEN YEARS ON DEATH ROW. We’ve put (other) new book submissions on hold for now.

Two DVDs, SOOTHING AND NURTURING HUMAN SPIRITS and HEALING JUSTICE: A JOURNEY INTO SHADOW AMERICA are also available for screenings and on our website (free to families of those in prison).

We are grateful for the support of Gale Muhammad and Women Who Never Give UP; Rev. Keith Collins of the Church of the Overcomer; Ray Gant of the Ray of Hope Project; Rev. Richard Dalton of Storehouse Ministries in Dayton, Ohio; Restorative Justice leader from Ecuador and Delaware, Charito Calvachi,Mateiko, who did our Spanish translation; January Krassnosky, our dedicated office administrator, and Brenda Emrick, Western Pennsylvania Director of the Global Kindness Revolution, who, with her son, Heath, a lifer at SCI Green, is organizing people in prisons to take part in our National Kindness Circle.

We need your support to make this a meaningful event. Please share this with all you can.

Judith Trustone, Director
Sagewriters & the Global Kindness Revolution: both of which grew out of my creative writing classes in prisons.


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