by Judith Trustone

Recently I adopted a rescue cat, Fiona, my first pet since going condo twenty years ago. Adjusting to living again with a four-legged companion, I thought back on my long wonderful (and not so wonderful) life with pets.

Most memorable was Inky, my pet rabbit when I was about ten. He’d come into our family as a tiny Easter bunny who soon adjusted to being housebroken—he’d hop over to the door and just sit and stare at it when he needed to go, and once outside, he took care of business. He ran with the neighborhood dogs, who played with him gently, surprising us all. It was fun to watch him chasing after a giant Shnauzer as if he were a Great Dane.

When it was dinnertime, he came, as usual, when called. He was a most unusual rabbit.

One Sunday, a cousin I barely knew, for she was a grownup, came with her parents and her new fiancé’ to introduce him to our family. When they heard about Inky, they wanted to meet him. Inky was outside, playing with the pack. I went to the door and called him, and a few minutes later Inky came hopping up to the door. I picked him up and took him into the living room to the circle of eager-to-meet-him relatives.

Rabbits are generally believed to be lucky spirit animals; they are usually seen as carriers of good and fortunate news, heralds of good times, prosperity, wealth, health, long life and love.

The rabbit as well as the hare have been associated with moon deities and may signify rebirth or resurrection. They may also be symbols of fertility or sensuality. And successful marriage?

As I proudly presented him to each person, Inky looked carefully at each one, giving what seemed a serious scrutiny to each. He was a very thoughtful rabbit. They fawned over him, tentatively petting him and exclaiming over his size. He was a very big bunny.

When we came to the cousins fiancé, Inky stiffened in my arms and and suddenly sent a stream of urine into the fiancé’s lap. Embarrassed, my mom and I tried to clean him up with paper towels, apologizing profusely. Inky had never done such a thing before and we were shocked.

The wedding went on as planned. I don’t remember if we were invited. But Inky must have sensed something, for the marriage didn’t last, ending just two years later in divorce.

If only they’d listened to Inky.


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