The United States Team for the Impartial And Fair Treatment In Parole Initiative just received the following harrowing and startling communication form an incarcerated soul — whose identity is being withheld for obvious reasons — at SCI Phoenix in Collegeville, Pennsylvania in the United States.

Hope you are doing well and keeping in good spirits too. I am doing okay. Not sure if you heard but, the prison is back on lockdown, there was a spike in COVID-19 Coronavirus here. It was disclosed on Wednesday, September 30, and the decision to lockdown the institution was made on Thursday, October 1. So, we are back to where we were in March, 2020 when we were initially quarantined due to the pandemic. We get 15 minutes out of the cell for shower and kiosk. So far, no recreation, no programs, no law library, no religious services, no school, no telephone, no free cable or free in-house t.v. for updates on what the administration is doing to eradicate or eliminate the virus from this institution. All medical situations are being administered through the door wicket, including needle sticks, T.B. sticks, Diabetes stick, temperature readings, etc., the same wicket they place our food on. No cleaning supplies are being handed out. The temperature checks twice a day are inadequate because you don’t have to have a fever to have the virus. The showers are filthy. All kinds of trash and flies in the shower. No one is cleaning them before each group is let out for a shower. We have guards and staff walking around without a mask and saying they haven’t had taste or smell in weeks. So, just as we thought things were getting better, here we are déjà vu! I’ll let you if anything changes. Have to get this out, it’s my time to come out of cell. Keep Safe! Blessings & Peace!

A number of incarcerated souls at SCI Phoenix are model prisoners or are aging/elderly and have pre-existing medical conditions which make them vulnerable to contracting and dying from COVID-19.   They do not and will not pose a public safety risk and have an extremely low recidivism rate which research attests to.   We must work — with all deliberate speed — to bring these souls home and simultaneously ensure that sanitary conditions are created and maintained at SCI Phoenix and all correctional facilities throughout the United States.

SCI PHOENIX SUPERINTENDENT:  Jamie Sorber  – (610) 409-7890

Mandy Sipple – (610) 410-7890

The Honorable John E. Wetzel – (717) 728-4109

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