The Dance of the Moonflowers at the Strathhaven Condominiums

by Judith Trustone

Slender throats the promise of green,

verdant, velvet, voluptuous,

turgid buds bordering on bursting,

pretending not to notice each other

in neighboring balcony gardens.

Baptized by torrential showers,

gently nurtured to fullness at the call

of Grandmother Moon, her silver

shimmering sounding the call for

orgasms of openings trumpeting

the presence of delicate, delicious

fragrances that stir the soul to

remembering, soothing spirits sore

from planetary imbalance.

The delicate white flowers,

living only for a day, guide us

back into ourselves for a

nanosecond of rare stillness.
August 27, 2012

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