Becoming a Man by P. Carl


Review by Heather, a Incarcerated Trans woman

After reading how a Trans man suffers some of the same difficult issues a Trans woman goes through with family, friends, employers, and social groups it makes me now believe that they do have it just as hard.

I know during my transition I have lost family, friends and housing. While reading this story I laughed, cried, and felt exactly what he was feeling at times of questioning. I would recommend to sit down and read this book, whether you are Cisgender, Transgender or Androgynous.

I will share this book with all I know to enjoy.

From Doom & Gloom to a New Year’s Resolution


by Judith Trustone


…I discovered The Global Kindness Revolution: How Together We Can Heal Violence, Racism, and Meanness, the book by Judith Trustone, the award-winning author, activist, and filmmaker who spent decades dedicating her life to helping others; here interviewed by Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, which sold over 70 million copies. 

Contemplations of a Convict
published by Sagewriters
by Anton Forde & Trevor Mattis

I met Judith, who now resides and writes from her home in Swarthmore, PA, at the Victorian Holiday two years ago—a salon-type Christmas party hosted by Henrik Eger, editor of Drama Around The Globe, an online theater and arts website for which I intern as an editorial assistant.

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