Meet Judith Trustone

Judith Trustone founder of Trust One Kindness
Judith Trustone, founder of Trust One Kindness

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Judith Trustone is an award-winning author, activist and filmmaker whose Celling America’s Soul: Torture and Transformation in Our Prisons (and why we should care)has been deemed the best book in print that describes prison from most every perspective.

Prolific author in several genres and formats, Judith’s goes whimsical in The Cats’ Secret Guide to Living with Humans.

But her passion is Kindness which she advocates in the double documentary DVD:  Healing Justice: a journey into Shadow America. Highlights are art, music, interviews and the families of those behind bars and those who once were behind bars. Soothing and Nurturing the Human Spirit was filmed at a workshop created by Trustone with lifers, where she taught healing techniques to prisoners’ families, so they could use them with their loved ones in prison visiting rooms.

These techniques can be used by anyone who feels stress regardless of where they are. She directs the Global Kindness Revolution and leads Community Kindness Circles in churches, organizations, and town halls. She has distributed more than 70,000 Kindness Cards globally.

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4 thoughts on “Meet Judith Trustone

  1. Judith: I just received your email from LinkedIn that you wanted to connect with me. WE HAVE MET BEFORE thru somebody somehow. Can’t remember who or when. I am living at the Quadrangle in Haverford, Name is Elaine Bass . I wish I could remember, but I think it might have been thru Sandy Taylor who is now in a special Unit due to Parkinsons.

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